Divina Almeraz Casas

My name is Divina, I am the founder of CFONFT, Women in Web3 Advocate, and a former Model. My mission involves helping create a better Web3 by helping encourage freedom of expression without censorship. I also speak in the space on behalf of Women in Web3 to help encourage and onboard for a better ratio of sexes in Web3 for multiple positive reasons. Lastly, I have focused on helping bridging those in Web2 to Web3 by using language and platforms that are best to reach and interest a new audience. 
My past life includes a degree in Political Science and a minor in Philosophy. During my period in school, I was a writer and a Model. My modeling career is what led me to gain interest in branding that was mastered and monetized almost successfully during the Web2 era. Lastly but a large portion of my identity involved my work with Playboy Mexico where I became Miss July in 2018.